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Lands of Idanha, a potential that reveals itself...


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Our production bases are located mainly in Idanha-a-Nova. This county is full of potential, being the fourth largest country in area, with 1416 Km2. Located in Beira Baixa, and is almost equidistant from Lisbon, Porto and Madrid and it is also privileged to be close to the Spanish border.

Being always strongly linked to agriculture, the County of Idanha-a-Nova boasts an extensive agricultural area where the plain of Idanha and about 8000 hectares of irrigated land stand, fed by the Marechal Carmona Weir.
It is in these lands bathed by intense sun and hot summer that our products are produced, having a unique flavor and being completely natural.

Besides all of this growing agricultural potential in the Lands of Idanha, we can still discover a vast immense cultural and natural heritage, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand!

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