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What we sell...


Hortas D'Idanha, S.A. is dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, selling only products originating from their producers, whose production is mainly located in the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova.

Our productions are designed to either fresh market or industry.

Despite its short existence so far, the range of products sold is already quite significant... Take a look!

melancia pimento brocolo diospiro couve flor meloa couve melao fava


The services...


The main activity of Hortas D'Idanha, S.A. consists in the selection, sizing, packaging and distribution of production delivered to them by its producers. Our products are sent to our clients, ranging from the small trader to wholesalers chains and supermarkets.

Throughout this chain, we concentrate our efforts in researching new business opportunities, either to new production and consequent flow of production; or to improve the conditions of access to factors of production by our producers.

Our producers deserve our best attention, so one of the services we provide is related to the technical support and monitoring of their cultures and productions, always in order to bring you the best that the earth gives.